Daar gaan we dan !

Daar gaan we dan !
Groenigestraat 4 in Kortrijk :)

Wij doen vollen bak verder om zo rap mogelijk onze deuren te openen, we hebben echter nog wat werk
Onze reservaties staan open voor jullie vanaf 1 maart.

Wij zijn alvast super enthousiast om er opnieuw in te vliegen !

Tot snel




Culinary delights in a historic building.

Wij in vakantie tot en met 17 aug. We ontvangen jullie graag terug van 18 aug.

Fijne vakantie!!


A new story...

After the beautiful adventure in the cloister of Saint Vincentius, it's time for a new story.
Just 200m from our previous spot, we found refuge in the originally built notary house of H. Reyntjens with its magnificent facade (1854).
We carry our enthusiasm and concept with us ;)


About Us

A magical moment...

A magical moment, because everything suddenly falls into place, and the right people are ready with advice and action: helpful moms and dads, family, willing friends, and enterprising individuals from the Kortrijk City Development (SOK).

Bas is a former student of the hotel school Ter Duinen in Koksijde and the Hotel School of Namur. Over the years, he has gathered experience in numerous renowned restaurants.

An also has a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry and is responsible for stylish, warm, and smooth table service.

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Bas and An feel that the time is ripe for a new culinary adventure, their own establishment, and now they proudly present ViEr. The finest creations: delightfully fresh, balanced, and exclusive, both with fish and meat. But the vegetarian is not forgotten. Bas always lets himself be guided and inspired by his passion. The prices also remain within the bounds of reasonableness.


The Kitchen

Pure Products...

The kitchen of this raw gem will soon become the playground of Sebastien and An. They bring a pure product kitchen, not much fuss but with a lot of flavor. So, celebrating life. In all simplicity.

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The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday starting at 7 pm.

Changes in the number of guests must be communicated 6 hours before the start of dinner. Failure to notify or late notifications will result in a fixed charge of €50 per absent person.

Our daily specials:

This week, available only on Tuesday:

Tuesday, June 18: Greek casserole with pasta, feta, tomatoes, and ground meat
Thursday, June 20: Poussin au riesling with tarragon and rice

Orders can be placed via email, preferably by 10 pm the night before.
A dish is €13, and we charge a €10 deposit for the glass bowl.

Pickup is available at ViEr, Groeningestraat 4, between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm or by further arrangement.




Begijnhofpark Kortrijk
BTW: BE0 715.969.272


We are open from Tuesday evening to Saturday evening.
During lunchtime, we are open by reservation only for larger groups.

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