About Us

A New Story...

After the beautiful adventure in the cloister of Saint Vincentius, it's time for a new story.

Just 200m from our previous spot, we found refuge in the originally built notary house of H. Reyntjens with its magnificent facade (1854).

We carry our enthusiasm and concept with us ;)


Our Vision...

We delve even deeper into the search and selection of our products. Being regionally sourced and grown with respect are crucial criteria for us.

Our collaboration with "De Poort" gives us the opportunity to be in the field ourselves every week, monitoring the harvest. The garden, located just 1km from the restaurant, provides us with flowers, herbs, and peas that we can harvest at the right moment.

We adhere to a minimum waste policy.

We constantly seek ways to limit waste. Our meat, fish, and vegetable products are always delivered without packaging. Everything is freshly cut and filleted on-site, giving us even greater control over quality. We implement a sorting system that has minimized our residual waste.

With our daily specials (for takeaway), you join us at the table. It's the daily fare we prepare for our kids and our team. Here, we contribute to the cycle of processing everything ethically.

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